Backed by Globaltranz, one of North America’s Top Ten 3PL companies, we deliver a proprietary technology platform with a one stop integrated solution that seamlessly connects shippers with carriers, freight agents, and Globaltranz logistics services. Our technology provides real-time visibility and control of supply chain performance while producing lower shipping costs and a faster, more efficient way to facilitate logistics.

All-in-One Logistics Solutions for Shippers

  • Fast and easy to use for shippers from simple to the most complex supply chains.
  • Manages shipment lifecycle from booking to delivery.
  • Quote, book, and track TL, LTL, and expedite shipments with one tool.
  • Intuitive, automated and streamlined to speed up quotes and reduce errors.
  • Aggregates rate information across carriers to give you multiple quotes
  • Set access permissions by location for multiple shipping sites.
  • Manage claims and re-billing.
  • Easily generate reports showing a variety of valuable data.

Control Tower Solution for Freight Management:

  • A control tower strategy for transport procurement and freight flow management for freight brokers and agents.
  • Comprehensive freight management for shippers.
  • Interactive freight management dashboard.
  • Manage and monitor agent’s entire book of business.
  • Analytic tools using real-time and historical data.
  • Comparative reporting turns data into business-building insight.
  • Lower costs, increase fill-rates, respond quickly to demand.
  • Deliver better, faster, more comprehensive service.