Temperature Controlled Service -- Our Expertise
A refrigerated trailer is meant to maintain the temperature during the transport of perishable and temperature-sensitive goods.

Commodities we deal with frequently:

  • Fresh Produce
  • Temperature Sensitive Produce
  • Plants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Seafood
  • Dairy
  • Meat
  • Candies
  • Chocolate
  • Chemicals
  • Paint

Specific Services Provided:

  • Food Grade Trailers
  • Ambient Temperature Runs
  • Frozen Loads (0 to -10 Degrees)
  • Refrigerated Loads (34 Degrees)
  • Ice Cream (-20 Degrees)
  • Temp Chutes/Bulk Heads for Multi-Temp Segmentation

Temperature Sensitive Produce is our Expertise

We know you don’t just trust anyone with your unique, high-value, temperature sensitive freight. That is why we have developed a truckload team with decades of expertise and relationships within this critical sector. Below is a list of common practices we utilize and adhere to, ensuring your sensitive produce arrives fresh, every time:

  • Pulping – This process is typically utilized to protect shippers, carriers and receivers in the market. Produce loads are costly and time sensitive. For this reason, we have a select and broad pool of carriers that are familiar with the pulping process and can provide their own temp equipment as required. We will be sure the driver has the pulp temp at shipper written on the BOL, along with time, date, and dock signatures in case of freight claims. The receiver will also be responsible for noting on the BOL the temp the product was received in at.

  • Compartment Cooling Zones – Our trucks are commonly equipped with Temp Chutes and Bulk Heads, which allow our customers to ship multiple types of produce on the same trailer, all being maintained at prime temperature zones.

  • En-Route Temperature Readings – Our drivers will typically be able to pull digital readings from the reefer unit. If required, we can source capacity equipped with “Smart Reefers”. In the case a smart reefer is utilized, the driver will be able to download and print off the temperature at the consignee for their review/reference. This data then can also be attached to the POD for future reference.

  • High Value Loads – Our core pool of carriers and dispatchers are accustomed to common practices when dealing with high-value, temperature controlled products. Our drivers stay within a 200 mile radius of the shipper before shutting down, if necessary. We have custom routing guides in place so our drivers never stop in high-theft areas. Tracking software is always required for high-value loads. Secured seals are also required to be placed on at the shipper – recorded, and reported.

  • 75% Reefer Unit Minimum Fuel – All of our live load trailers, as well as dropped trailers, will always arrive with a minimum of 75% fuel capacity.